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This is me...





My musical story starts, at the tender age of 5, when I was bribed by my wonderfully musical parents, to attend my first ever piano lesson, with none other than...a gingerbread man!!! (I am still easily bribed with the sweet stuff...just ask my students!)

I remember it vividly. I was a shy child, and it took all my courage to go, but I loved it! My first taste of music, and playing a musical instrument. It changed my life...forever! 


I continued with my classical training on piano, which was followed by a Casio (Retro!) keyboard, which to this day I still own and use! I began to write, and wrote my very first song at the age of 7, about my favourite doll called Katie! Sadly, I have no recordings of this!...or perhaps I should say 'luckily'! 


I went on to study GCSE, and 'A' level music, followed by a BSc Hons in Music Technology. My love of live music grew and developed through my uni days, where I started playing in bands. I have since gone on to front several successful bands, spanning the past 20 years, and along the way, I have been lucky enough to open for artists such as, Newton Faulkner, Dion Bromfield, Stooshie, had a spot on Arthur Smiths' (the comedian) tour, and the highlight, was opening for Van Morrison at Nell’s Jazz & Blues Bar. As well as becoming a Professional Vocalist and Vocal Coach.




However, my life as a singer/songwriter/producer, has been very varied, from, score writing, to recording jingles, to working on various musical productions for film, advertisments and stage productions, as well as becoming a Musical Director of a choir! ('Jax' of all trades!...I'll get my coat!). 


But recently I've transitioned, from musician, to Producer. I decided 2 years ago to bite the bullet and join the Mac family, and invested in my first iMac, along with 'Logic Pro 9' (which I'd never used, or even a Mac for that matter)...this is where it all became very exciting for me! I could now write, record and produce, all my own work in a matter of days, without the endless time wasted, traveling to and from studios, as well as the cost and the man power!...I am now a singer, drummer, bass player, keyboard player, and orchestra all rolled into one hyperactive musical ball!!...Freedom...or some might say, loner! 


I write, in the same way as I live my life, sporadically and without limitations. I don't confine myself to one style, or sound. I write whatever I feel like at the time. From melancholic haunting ballads, through to funky pop numbers with catchy bass riffs and rap... I feel this gives me a greater scope vocally and my talents as a song writer and performer.


My influences are varied, and include the likes of, Sia, Imogen Heap, Eva Cassidy, Emile Sande, Rudimental, Lenny Kravitz, Incubus, Queen, Muse, Jamiroquai, Zero 7, Alannis Morrisette...to name but a few. My natural love of funk, soul, hip hop and pop combined with my classical background has enabled me to conjure up my own sound...


                              ...the sound of Jax Muzik!