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never enough - The Greatest showman cover by jax

i don't wanna fight - tina turner cover by jax

killa kredentials - lucky no.7 "you give me a suga rush" ;)

killa kredentials - quick fix no.6

johnny 5's alive - Killa kredentials easter teaser

a woman's work - cover by jax

Killa kredentials - may the 4th be with you!

unchained melody - cover by jax

Killa Kredentials (taster) - 3 is the magic number! 

My cheeky cover of a favourite of mine. 'pardon me' by incubus.

Here's the second taster from 'Killa kredentials'...in the making! 


My take on 'First time ever i saw your face'... i hope you like it!

A little taster of what's to come in 2016!... ;) 

Change the record - "In the making"


Change the record - "Part Deux!"


Change the record - "No need to change the record"


musical fun down at venice beach, La.

Starring Starla Hawkings. x


singing 'summertime' in 'The garage club', ny.



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